1. Intense physical exercise, great loss of calories in a fast  and effective way.
  2. Toning, improves general body image and posture resulting in self confidence boost
  3. Psychological emotional health- many doctors and phyciatrists suggest it as a way to fight depression, after pole dance work out body produces endorphins wich make you  feel happier
  4. Many new moves, different styles to work on, never getting bored, you always stay motivated
  5. You acquire joint mobility , flexibility, strength, improves health not only body image
  6. Good for heart and blood flow, especially if you sit too many hours in an office-sedentary lifestyle
  7. One of the lesser known benefits of pole dancing is that this form of training can be beneficial later on in life when you decide to have a child. Pole dancing develops exceptionally strong back and abdominal muscles, which helps minimize back pain during pregnancy and actually helps you have a smoother and less painful childbirth.
  8. You will be able to fall asleep much easier
  9. Supportive environment, Pole dancing community is strong and united against social stigma
  10. No need for any kind of dance/gymnastics background, no need to have upper body strength, suitable exercises for everyone, beginners classes are designed to help you build up strength ,  you only have to be careful to instructions